Melbourne/Newcastle Ports affected by protests – Update

Attention: Shipping Manager An update to our last briefing, as below; Protestors from Blockade Australia are still simultaneously blocking operations of ports in Melbourne and Newcastle. These protests are expected to cause significant delays each day they occur.  Police

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USA West Coast labor negotiations – Update

Attention: Shipping Manager   Situation on USA WC:   We have been informed that negotiations around labor contracts on the West Coast have finally had some success, averting significant fallout to the supply chain.  Late on Wednesday night, the

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Melbourne/Brisbane/Newcastle Ports affected by protests

Attention: Shipping Manager We have been informed that Melbourne, Brisbane and Newcastle Ports have affected by coordinated climate protests. Large delays have been caused, as the protests have blocked busy motorways with access in and out of the ports.

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Los Angeles/Long Beach Ports shutdown – Update 1

Attention: Shipping Manager Further to our update yesterday, we have had information overnight that TTI, the largest terminal at Long Beach, has put a hold on all trucking orders for Monday. Unofficial disputes over wages, safety measures, automation, and

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Industry Update – June 2023

Conclusion of the 2022/23 BMSB season: Please be informed the BMSB 2022/2023 season has concluded as of 1st May 2023. Goods shipped on board vessels departing from BMSB identified target risk countries on or after 1st May 2023, will

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