Customer Solutions

“The company has acquired its excellent reputation by having experienced people on board who understand the customers’ requirements.”

Tailored Solutions

Once we have your requirements documented, we tailor our IT system to automate tasks specific to your business requirements and those pertaining to the country of origin. This allows us to provide a range of customised reports, service enhancements and documentation that fit your needs seamlessly.

Connected to the World

Enjoy the benefits of our electronic link to worldwide ports and shipping lines with 24/7 updates of your shipment movements. This makes a powerful tool combined with our automated task lists. We are able, for example, to communicate to you when your container loads at origin port, transhipment port and arrives at destination port. There is a host of reports available to our clients through this system.

Document Management Solution

Our document management solution provides 24/7 access to our system to view or retrieve documents. We provide secure and electronic storage of all your shipping documentation, free of charge, for 5 years.

Safety Check

We can conduct a review of your customs clearance work to ensure that you are utilising all available tariff concessions and Free Trade Agreements. We can also advise if you are compliant with the Australian Customs ACT and associated regulations.

Systems Integration

Live updates to your system detailing where your purchases are, down to SKU level, using our supplied interface. Our Hub based technology provides security to your system while at the same time providing updates visible on your screen via your own software.

Business Intelligence System

A full analysis of spending on freight by country, period, supplier, and trade lane. Our business intelligence system can provide a full analysis of your freight movements, statistics and spending, providing you with the definitive freight management tool.