Ongoing congestion and delays resulting in increased detention charges from shipping lines

Attention: Shipping Manager We have been advised of ongoing congestion and delays at many depots nationally, due to operational impacts from catastrophic weather events and ongoing Covid impacts on logistics. Shipping lines however, are still operating under conditions that

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COVID-19 Situation in China

Attention: Shipping Manager  Shenzhen lockdown due to COVID-19 We have been advised that the city of Shenzhen, China has been placed under a week-long lockdown over the weekend due to increasing COVID-19 positive cases. The port of Shenzhen will

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LATEST UPDATE – Fuel prices increase globally

Attention: Shipping Manager The current situation in Ukraine and Russia continues to impact the global supply chain negatively. Fuel prices globally have spiked to a historic high amid the Russia-Ukraine conflict and are expected to continue to increase in

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Latest Update – Ukraine/Russia Situation and Floods in QLD

Attention: Shipping Manager Ukraine/Russia Situation The current situation in Ukraine and Russia has resulted in disruptions and changes in the operational outlook across the region and is affecting the global supply chain substantially. All shipping lines have currently stopped

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Industry Update – February 2022

Supply Chain Disrupted by COVID-19 Omicron Outbreak The international supply chain has been further impacted by the recent surge in COVID cases with the Omicron variant being reported across the world. We are seeing all divisions of the logistics

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Staff Shortages at Warehouses/terminals

Attention: Shipping Manager Staff Shortages Across the Industry We have heard from various industry stakeholders regarding the impact of Omicron spread on Supply Chain operations. From port terminals to trucking operations, pressure is being felt across the board. Terminal

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Industry Update – January 2021

Global Situation with Omricon As Omricon sweeps the globe we will no doubt see effects on operations. In many countries where case numbers have exploded, there is a chronic shortage of workers (both at supplier factories), truckers and shipping

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