Staff Shortages at Warehouses/terminals

Attention: Shipping Manager

Staff Shortages Across the Industry

We have heard from various industry stakeholders regarding the impact of Omicron spread on Supply Chain operations. From port terminals to trucking operations, pressure is being felt across the board. Terminal congestions due to high peak shipping volumes and COVID related staff shortages are slowing down the entire process.

A lot of workers are now testing positive at port terminals, warehouses and in trucking companies which is adding more load on an already stretched workforce. As more workers test positive, COVID related isolation results in labor shortage across the industry. Container pickups from the ports, dehires at empty parks and warehouse operations are all taking a lot longer as compared to a few months back when it was relatively stable. Recently, we have also seen vessels omitting particular Australian ports to avoid getting caught up in the ongoing congestion. Some have changed their rotations at the last minute to minimize delays.

Because of these delays and the increased costs associated with operations, some terminals, warehouses and trucking companies have started implementing a COVID levy on each container ranging from 4 AUD to 30 AUD per container so far. These wherever applicable will have to be passed on. 


USA and Canada to Australia/New Zealand General Rate Increase:

Multiple carriers have announced a General Rate Increase from USA and Canada to Australia and New Zealand effective from 15th February 2022. The advertised amounts are as follows:

USD 500 per 20’ container

USD 1000 per 40’ container

LCL applies proportionally

We will keep you updated with the evolving situation.