OOCL resumes bookings to Australia (Excluding Sydney)

Further to our email from 29th September advising about OOCL’s South bound booking suspension from/connecting via South East Asia, we are pleased to advise that OOCL have restarted their bookings with immediate effect. This is applicable for all Australian ports excluding Sydney which is still very congested. OOCL anticipates improvements in port congestion in up to three weeks at Sydney and within ten days for all other Australian ports. Their bookings to Sydney will still remain suspended and they will review the situation in due course.

Due to the overall disruptions caused by port strikes, we are still observing vessel delays and almost little to no space availability from Asian ports to Australia. It is anticipated that the overall situation will improve once the backlog is cleared. Because of the prolonged delays on South East Asia to AU service, our partner in Germany was notified by their local OOCL office that while they will start accepting new bookings, these must be for vessels departing Europe in November.

COSCO on the other hand haven’t sent any formal notice regarding reopening their bookings from South East Asia but we have heard that they will also resume their bookings from November as October is completely closed. Despite these difficult times, we can see some light at the end of the tunnel.

Even with the reopening of bookings by OOCL, we are still experiencing severe shortage of space from Asia in general and South East Asia in particular. If you have any upcoming shipments, please plan these well in advance.

We will keep you updated as we hear further.