Interim Approval for Melbourne Importers and Further Update on Qantas Terminal Closure

Interim Approval for Importers:

In the middle of this current crisis situation in Melbourne, we have finally received some goods news for Victorian Importers.  As per the FTA’s latest notice, all Importers have received ‘Interim Approval’ to receive and unload import containers at their premises. Importers will have to ensure that they have devised and implemented a ‘High Risk COVID Safe Plan’ and their workers have permits issued under the Permitted Worker Scheme.

After a lot of uncertainty regarding which businesses will operate and which ones will shut down during the current lockdown, this is a great news ensuring that our Supply Chains remain intact and operational. We hope that this approval will be extended for the entire duration of the lockdown.

Qantas Freight Terminal Melbourne:

Further to our previous notices on this matter, we’ve been advised that the Qantas terminal will remain closed today and it won’t be possible to deliver or receive cargo. Some of the flights will now be handled by other terminals.

We will keep you updated as we hear further.