Global Shipping Situation – Asia, Europe and USA

Attention: Shipping Manager

We have been advised by numerous sources (within shipping lines and our agent associates) that getting space on vessels out of China at the moment is getting increasingly difficult.  Vessels are bursting at the seams, shipping lines are struggling to provide enough space and equipment to meet demand and are even being issued with “Stop Booking” instructions from their head offices for multiple sailings.

Our agents in China that we have worked with for over 10 years tell us it is not a situation they have ever seen before.  Space is at a premium and the rates are just going through the roof.

Some shipping lines have introduced a “SeaPriority Go” service wherein if you pay them an additional USD800 per 20’ or 40’ unit, they will guarantee you space and equipment for a particular vessel, as long as it is booked 14 days in advance of receivals.

The situation from South East Asia, USA and Europe is similar, vessels are completely overbooked, rates have been increased and a peak season surcharge from Europe has also been announced due to the demand.

With the upcoming peak season prior to Christmas fast approaching and industrial action currently affecting vessel arrivals and departures in Sydney, it is a melting pot of problems that continue to test us in our efforts to keep cargo flowing.  We would suggest, with any bookings or orders you may have upcoming, that you let us know about them as soon as possible in order to get allocated space on a particular vessel.

In the meantime, should you have any concerns regarding any of your current shipments, please do not hesitate to contact your customer service representative.