Current Shipping Situation and Patrick Terminal Brisbane Upgrade

Current Shipping Situation:

Despite having no industrial action for a while now, the situation at Sydney port has not returned to completely normal levels. There are still extensive delays for vessel berthing at terminals with DPW terminal facing 4-5 days delay whereas Patrick Terminals facing 16-18 days delay. Shipping lines are still either omitting Sydney port from their port calls or are taking much less bookings to Sydney than they used to in the past. This has resulted in significant shortage of space to Australia, particularly to Sydney.

In addition, space from entire Asia is extremely limited these days. As advised in our earlier notices, services from South East Asia to Australia have been severely disrupted with a huge backlog of cargo destined for Australia at these ports. Its extremely hard to get a booking these days and even after having one, we have seen instances of multiple booking rollovers by carriers. The entire situation is not very stable. Some lines have recently introduced new booking cancellation fees and others have extended the duration of when this cancellation fees applies, from 3 days before vessel cut-off to 7 days prior to vessel cut-offs.

In terms of shipments from USA, we have also experienced shortage of space and booking rollovers. In some cases, these rollovers were almost 3 weeks from the initial planned date. There were reports of a shipping line rolling almost a thousand containers in coming weeks to reduce the overbooked containers and to balance vessel capacity with the current demand. Furthermore, the shortage of truckers in USA is adding additional stress on supply chains as well. At times, unavailability of the hauliers at the last minute have also resulted in booking rollovers.

It is still advisable to plan your shipments well ahead in advance.


Patrick Terminal Brisbane:

We have been advised by our truckers that Patrick Terminal in Brisbane is transitioning to a new operating system for which, the work will take place during the month of November. Similar upgrades were done in Melbourne/Fremantle and Sydney terminals in the last twelve months. Below is a list, we have received from our trucker, showing how this will impact operations at Patrick Terminal Brisbane in the coming days:


Date Shipworking


Tuesday 3 November

Melbourne Cup Day

Day Closed Day Closed
Evening Closed Evening Closed
Midnight closed Midnight Closed
Wednesday 4 November Day Open Day Closed
Evening Open Evening Closed
Midnight Open Midnight Closed
Saturday 14 November Day Open Day Open
Evening Closed Evening Closed
Midnight Closed Midnight Closed
Sunday 15 November Day Open Day Open
Evening Open Evening Closed
Midnight Open Midnight Open (subject to demand)


Additionally, Maritime Union of Australia will also hold a stop work meeting for four hours from 7 am to 11 am on Tuesday 24th of November. There will be a complete stoppage of operations during this time.

We will keep you updated as we hear further.