Corona Virus Update

Attention: Shipping Manager

Further to our previous notices, below is a general update with what is currently happening in logistics around the world:-

• China – Despite China starting to re-open gradually, the general consensus is that trade volumes into Australia from China will decline during the month of May. Public holidays in China, in early May, will have an impact as well. Some lines indicated the downturn could last into June/July and have already factored in blank sailings.

• North America – No major freight changes being experienced. Previous fears of cargo backlogs at the cargo terminals have been eased due the continuing operation of the supply chain and the anticipated downturn in imports from China due to order cancellations.

• Europe – not dissimilar to the USA, Ports operational in most countries but processing is slow. Italy, some easing of restrictions however the worst affected areas in the North still remain in full lockdown. Spain, lockdown still in force through to May 9 however some construction and factory workers allowed back to work.

• United Kingdom – Lockdown restrictions have been continued for another 3 weeks and will be reviewed in May. All non essential shops closed – supply chain still operating but a number of businesses are working from home which is impacting cargo delivery.

• New Zealand – New Zealand to transition to stage 3 lockdown on April 27 with a further review to take place in two weeks time. At least this will allow businesses to open back up and allow deliveries from cargo terminals to be less impacted.

• India – Lockdown extended till May 3 – some workers in the areas of agriculture, manufacturing and construction allowed to go back to work

Airfreight movements
Airfreights are still moving, although rates are at a premium and only ever guaranteed on the day that they are booked in, due to the lack of services available. Advertised transit times are also being affected by the worldwide disruptions to airfreight movements due to COVID-19.
If you are concerned regarding any of your shipments, please do not hesitate to contact your customer service representative.