Corona Virus and its Impact on Shipping – Latest Update

Our partner in China has advised that so far, more than 20 thousand people are confirmed to have this virus and another 23 thousand people are still waiting for their results. The death toll has risen to 425 and as of today, 632 people are known to have recovered from this virus.

A lot of roads, shopping malls, restaurants and depots/warehouses are closed to avoid the spread of this virus. Our agents are working from home at the moment and they have advised that normal operations are scheduled to resume from 10th of February gradually.

In a further development, port authorities in Australia have placed quarantine restrictions and extra scrutiny on vessels arriving from China, resulting in port congestion, vessel delays and an increase in the turnaround time taken by these vessels. This slowing down effect is likely to increase during the next few weeks.

Dieterle & Victory will keep an eye on the developing situation and will update you as further details emerge.