Congestion at Empty container Terminals in Sydney

During the last few months, we have seen a significant increase in the number of imported containers as compared to exports and due to this imbalance, empty container parks in NSW are now facing congestion. We have received notices today from FTA and our carriers outlining the announcements made by various Empty Container parks regarding any further acceptance of empty containers. Some empty parks like MCS Cooks River have completely stopped taking empty containers from today onwards as they are over capacity. Others have also indicated that they are heading in the same direction and the situation is likely to worsen further.  In the coming days, it is anticipated that other empty parks will follow the same trend and will limit empty de-hires at their respective facilities.

To minimize these disruptions, we might see shipping lines divert empty containers to other parks as to ease off the load on those which are struggling. It is too early to say if this will be effective or not but if the situation keeps worsening, there is a potential of additional costs associated with container de-hires in the form of transport via trucker’s yard and storage etc.

If you are concerned about any of your shipments, please contact your Customer Service Representative.

We will keep you updated as further details emerge.