DP World Industrial Action Update

Attention: Shipping Manager

Further to our previous update, the industrial action continues at DP World terminals across the country, having a significant impact on daily operations and creating havoc with shipping schedules.  DP World have released the following updates:-

  • Bans on the performance of overtime, shift extensions, upgrades and the deployment of crane gangs;
  • Rolling stoppages of work of various durations (one or two hours at a time) depending on the Terminal – there are no road or vessel operations during these stoppages;
  • SYDNEY – ban on loading / unloading trucks & trains (06:00 27/10 to 06:00 28/10) – all road & rail operations will be stopped during these hours and no VBS slots will be available for booking an hour prior to the work stoppage;
  • SYDNEY – 24 hours work stoppage (06:00 30/10 to 06:00 31/10); and
  • SYDNEY / BRISBANE / FREMANTLE – ban on loading / unloading trucks & trains (06:00 3/11 TO 06:00 4/11).
  • MELBOURNE – 8 hour work halt after ship docks
    • PLANNED STOPPAGES 30 October 2023 – 06 November 2023
      • 2 hour stoppage starting at 0400hrs
      • 2 hour stoppage starting at 1200hrs
      • 2 hour stoppage starting at 2000hrs

Whilst the havoc is being caused at the terminals, there is a direct impact to daily operations and fleet productivity.  Delayed trucks in the terminal can lead to delayed deliveries and empty collections.  Whilst our carriers are working tirelessly to limit the impacts, unfortunately some circumstances will be beyond their control and delays will occur.

Should you have any concerns regarding your shipments, please contact your customer service representative.